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Re: Price and purchase method change

Postby amplebbq » Wed Feb 06, 2019 10:51 pm

On the contrary, the new pricing tier is more than fair for what Franco is offering. The costs of running a cloud based save system and to pay for development and continued quality of life updates, etc, $12 a year is getting off easy. I have a lifetime sub but i'm considering buying a 2nd yearly sub just to support development and hosting costs. Arc Browser is neat, but it is also time consuming and you need to manually move your save files between devices. RetroX just plain works, it is fully ready to go at all times. You can start a game on your phone, go home and hop on your Shield TV and pick up where you left off. The convenience factor is worth the price of admission. I believe this is how most of us feel who truly believe in the value of the product. My only gripe is the lack of offline mode for when i'm out of wifi or cell coverage...then I switch to other emulators if I need to get my retro fix. Come at me bros. :twisted:
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Re: Price and purchase method change

Postby fcatrin » Fri Feb 08, 2019 3:57 am

Thanks! I think you got the idea really well. RetroX is for people that recognize the value on it: ease of use, continuos development and support (some may not agree but...), it "just works". Other people may not think that it has a value for them so they will be happy with other alternatives. It is not about me finding or trying to convince users, it's me offering a service that makes people's life better and they give me the enough support to continue giving that service.
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