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Tablet recommendation

Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2019 9:56 am
by Amisa

I'm looking to buy a new android tablet, I will be installing retrox on it.

Just checking I'd there's any tablets recommended by others?

I'm looking at the amazon fire hd 10.
Will be playing mostly Ms-dos games

Thanks in advance

Re: Tablet recommendation

Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2019 6:21 pm
by cryptic_crusader
Not many honorable mentions aside from new offerings by Samsung and Lenovo.

Re: Tablet recommendation

Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2019 4:29 am
by fcatrin
ETA Prime has some good Tablet reviews for emulation, like this one:

Re: Tablet recommendation

Posted: Wed Aug 28, 2019 12:31 pm
by KingPepper50
Hi Franco,

I personally use a Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 - I got mine from CeX online store £100 here in the UK - (B Grade unit complete with boxes for tablet & power supply with all different plug adaptors for various regions of the world + the lead etc) - even though its B grade, looked in great condition.

The full specs are here:

Not had any issues with RetroX, runs very fluid with most emulators, right up to N64, all run full speed.
Only issue is with Dolphin, as unit i believe is 32bit only, so only Dolphin version 4.0 or below, works on here sadly, but i would say speed for Mario Kart Double Dash, would be around 50%, not bad for a £100 tablet which is now 4 years old.

I also got a telescopic controller to use with this great tablet Ipega 9083 - Found here: ... UTF8&psc=1

Re: Tablet recommendation

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2019 2:10 am
by fcatrin
Wow! That was a great deal!!

I've been looking for some portable devices but they all seem to go beyond $200. Once I sold portable devices with RetroX in my country, they are still great but sometimes they feel a bit outdated having Android 4.x (Archos Gamepad 2)