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Hello from New User

Postby Logan_x50 » Mon Feb 25, 2019 12:00 pm

I decided I wanted to create a new retro gaming console for fun. I have a retro pie with Hyperspin attract mode with lots of systems and games and Kodi baked in etc. It was fine but updating it was either painful or impossible so I decided to try something new and tried Nvidia Shield.

After much trial and error with Dig, RetroArch, Hyperspin, and individual emulators for N64, MAME etc I decided to give RetroX a go and wow. Love it. the learning curve was nice and gentle and I now have a pretty sweet "all-in-one" front-end. Controller mapping (something I find a HUGE pain with other solutions worked really well with my xbox controller, ensuring that the select and start buttons were mapped with the individual emulators. I decided to purchase a 2 year license which would be the only downside. I would much prefer a perpetual license model.

Anyway, I then stumbled on the fact that you could apply a Theme and this just took RetroX to another level. I now have a Comic Book theme with list views I really like. And then I saw that I could scrape Arcade with a single MAME emulator version and if 1 game didn't work I can select a different MAME version and thus avoid seeing the same game listed multiple times.

So in short. Hello RetroX community. Thank you RetroX team for the great frontend and looking forward to the future version enhancements. I've reviewed the roadmap and it looks exciting. My wish list:-
ZXSpectrum - Chuckie Egg is the greatest game of all time
Game Art/Information cache (seems slow to show up at the moment)
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Re: Hello from New User

Postby fcatrin » Tue Feb 26, 2019 6:22 pm

Thanks for your words!!

I think that it is always a good thing that people try to set up their own systems before trying RetroX, then they surely will know what is the value on it.

Lifetime licenses will not be available anymore and I added that two year option for people that don't want to be worried about renewals for a long time.

Great that you enjoyed themes! Next version (now in beta) includes some improvements in that area that surely you will like.

Arts and info are already cached using the default settings. They are downloaded only once _unless_ you set up an option that uses the Android cache for that, in that case, the files will be deleted by Android as needed.

Currently I'm working on C64, and yes, many of us love the ZX as well, so it will come right after a more recent system, that would be probably GameCube or Saturn.
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