Request : Wish list. :-)

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Request : Wish list. :-)

Postby Chrysro » Thu Jun 29, 2023 12:01 pm

Since a few days a gave retrox a second chance and I could see how much it has improved.... But here is my Wish list to make It perfect, IMHO.

1 Add Atomiswave and Naomi systems to work with the flycast core, It works pretty good with that arcade systems.
2 Add duckstation and swanstation as cores to take advantage of their features playing psx
3 Add NDS and 3DS systems, (better with standalone emulators)
4 Please, bring Dolphin to retrox, sure It'll be damn good!!!! :twisted:
5 I think It could be hard ... but imagine we could launch PS2 games from retrox using aetherSx2.
6 What about implement retroachivements service, many retro frontends have already added this features and it's very funny.
7 finally... Is It posible to add an alternative scraper service like screen skraper? (as batocera and emuelec for example), It works very well, even with video snaps and it's free!

And with this few things I Will be covered :lol: :lol: :lol: !

P.D. Thanks Franco for your work, Retrox is one of the BEST options in android and fairly the easiest way to play retro games.

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