Can't add games from USB drive subfolders

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Can't add games from USB drive subfolders

Postby RFinn » Tue Feb 18, 2020 6:24 pm

I recently installed Retrox on my Sony Android TV to give it a shot. All of my roms are stored on a USB 3.0 drive (formatted NTSF) plugged into the TV, but for some reason when trying to add games I can't navigate lower than the root of the USB Drive.

The hierarchy is set out as follows USB Root > Games > Super Nintendo Entertainment System... etc..

No matter what I do, Retrox does not seem to be able to see those subfolders. I've tried different USB ports on the TV, shortening the folder names and removing special characters and spaces, reformatting. I also do not have ES File Explorer installed and the folders are visible and available in any other app that can access file directories.

Anyone having similar issues or have any ideas?

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