[RELEASE] RetroX 3

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[RELEASE] RetroX 3

Postby fcatrin » Tue May 11, 2021 10:24 pm

RetroX 3 is out now!! Yes, this version is a milestone that deserves its own version number! Apart from having the new Collections feature, all the UI for Mobile and standard TV mode has been improved... a lot.

This version also includes three new themes, one is the built in RetroX theme that matches the mobile and standard TV mode, and the other two are new amazing themes ported by Nigel Rapley, who not only has been contributing with more themes, he also added the collections support for all existing themes. A big THANKS to Nigel!

There are some other "minor" changes like:
  • Support for multidisc 3DO games
  • Improved performance on slow devices when loading big collections (big, not huge ;) )
  • Better mobile layout for small screens with 4:3 aspect ratio (Retroid Pocket 2)
  • Automatically silence video previews if background music is enabled
  • Faster / improved downloading of artwork from the RetroX server
  • Multiple fixes for multi disk games
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented moving through covers in TV mode
  • ... and more

And here is what comes in the next days because it is already in progress:
  • More collections
  • Updated data for trending/popular/recommended games
  • Some themes will be compatible with smalls screens (Retroid Pocket 2)
  • New default covers for games without artwork (partially done now)
  • A new option to show only games with artwork, no more manual cleaning needed

Just for stats: This version is 233 commits with 893 files changed. 14,679 additions and 3,987 deletions

Note: Some themes may require that you get the artwork from EmuMovies, you can do get it using a free EmuMovies account under Manage Games -> EmuMovies sync

No ROMs were harmed in the making of this version
Screenshot_1620765535.png (550.83 KiB) Viewed 2371 times
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Re: [RELEASE] RetroX 3

Postby natemac00 » Sat Jun 26, 2021 5:32 pm

Can't wait to give this a try, glad you're still moving forward with it. Just picked up one of the 2021 Fire HD 10 for prime day, want to give this a go on that!

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