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[RELEASE] 2.7.32 Online themes

Posted: Fri Jul 26, 2019 2:38 am
by fcatrin
A new update for RetroX called Online Themes has been released! This update includes small but cool changes:

  • RetroX now can download themes not included within the app. No more manual installs needed
  • More than 40.000 artwork files have been added. Many names now follows the No-Intro naming convention
  • Artwork is now downloaded from the nearest location, that will speed up the app in some places
  • Now you can store a RetroX Collection under the writable NVIDIA_SHIELD/retrox folder on external drives connected to the Nvidia Shield.

Now some notes:
  • If you are a theme author and want to make your theme available for download through RetroX, just contact me.
  • DOS users will benefit from using the writable folder on the Nvidia Shield, DOS games require write access to work as expected.