[RELEASE] 2.9.15 Titan

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[RELEASE] 2.9.15 Titan

Postby fcatrin » Thu Apr 09, 2020 12:39 am

This is a set of improvemets over the latest Sega Saturn release, and it also includes some interesting features like forced 4:3 aspect ratio and more

Sega Saturn improvements:

  • New: Added Yabause emulator for older devices (GLES2)
  • New: Save states
  • Fix: Use HLE BIOS by default (fixes most games)
  • Fix: Original aspect ratio set to 4:3
Other improvemnts:

    New: Separated 4:3 and square pixel (1:1) aspect ratio options
  • New: Better / seamless game start (no flashing)
  • New: Option to disable help screen on game start
  • New: Add Modern gamepad type for FBNeo
  • New: Game specific fixes for PSX
  • New: Frameskip setting for mGBA
  • Fix: PC Engine CD now works again
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