[RELEASE] 2.6.14 MSDOS Memories

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[RELEASE] 2.6.14 MSDOS Memories

Postby fcatrin » Wed Jun 28, 2017 3:57 am

A lot of fixes in this release!

  • NAS improvements for password protected shares. This may fix a lot of common issues with NAS
  • Playstation artwork for 1000+ games is now available
  • Fixed memory settings for DOS games
  • Fix: Amiga and MSDOS didn’t local config files (keymaps and others)
  • Better default buttons for MSDOS
  • Fix: Crash when using Google Plus login method
  • Fix: N64 C-buttons not working when using touchscreen controls
  • Fix: PSP crashing in devices without vibrator
  • Fix: Pressing OK button to start a game didn’t work when using A/B Buttons for OK/Cancel
  • Added Nexus Player as a TV capable device

Now some extra details:

About NAS
The original NAS support was expecting password protected folders, in that case RetroX requested an user and password for access. In my NAS device I had a public folder and a password protected folder and it worked as expected. Later in this forum there was a bug report for a different case, when you don't have a public folder and only protected folders, the password is required before listing the folders, even in some cases before browsing the network. Now RetroX will ask for a password whenever is needed.
This should solve NAS access for a lot of people, but unfortunately it didn't solve the problem for the user that reported his case, hopefully we will find a solution in the future.

About Artwork
Currently we have literally artwork for thousands of games, but not for all systems. The people from the RetroMania group have helped collect a lot of artwork files and I've been uploading some of those to our servers. I started with Playstation and you should start seeing more artwork for that system. To force the download, go to Settings -> Device -> Delete Data -> Pictures

There was a misunderstanding on how MSDOS handled memory and the parameters set by RetroX were wrong. Now that has been fixed and you only need to adjust the total memory and then enable or disable the software interfaces that DosBox will provide to the games (XMS, EMS, UMB). The memoy default is 8MB and we suggest you to keep it as is by default. Some games fail if more memory is available.

There is new option to use the A/B buttons on your gamepad as OK/CANCEL in RetroX but in a previous release there was an error that caused the OK button to work as BACK when starting a game. This has been fixed in this release.

Franco Catrin
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Re: [RELEASE] 2.6.14 MSDOS Memories

Postby martyman » Wed Jun 28, 2017 7:37 am

Nice! thanks again for all the hard work mate :)

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