[RELEASE] 2.10.03 Groups plus fixes

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[RELEASE] 2.10.03 Groups plus fixes

Postby fcatrin » Thu Jan 21, 2021 3:20 pm

There is a new release today. I've also seen that there is a missing release announcement in this forum and it was an important one! From version 2.10 RetroX will group duplicated games so they appear only once in the list. When you press Play to start the game you will be asked about what version of that game you want to play (if you have several versions)

Also in today's release:
  • New: Added id="logo" in themes to include Game logo images
  • New: Multi disk/disc games don't need to be in individual folders anymore
  • Fix: Sega CD games crash when using Picodrive and Rewind
  • Fix: Amiga games are grouped as expected
  • Fix: Atari800 games controls initialization is working again
  • Fix: All ScummVM games are recognized again
  • Fix: Some themes were showing the MAME logo instead of the FBNeo one
  • Fix: Now the system selector shows the number of unique games (not duplicates)
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Re: [RELEASE] 2.10.03 Groups plus fixes

Postby Ratbag » Sun Jan 24, 2021 8:45 am

This is great. Any news on chd support for Dreamcast?


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