[RELEASE] 2.8.8 The New Deal

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[RELEASE] 2.8.8 The New Deal

Postby fcatrin » Fri Nov 15, 2019 10:22 pm

This update fixes the infamous “parsing error” on the Nvidia Shield!!!
Please read the details below in case of assistance.

This update also includes:


  • New: Select platforms to be sync’d
  • Fix: Names with extra info (EU, JP, etc) are preserved
  • Fix: MAME and FBA are now compatible
  • New: Logs files created for missing artwork


  • New: Better display of launch options
  • New: GOG that use CD images are now supported
  • Fix: GOG sound card configs are used if available

A big thanks to:

  • Trigger TheHorizon for helping me improve DOS compatibility with standalone and GOG games.
  • Jay Rott and Fer Per for sending me the info that I needed to fix the “parsing error”

If you still have the "parsing error": The fix will apply only after you install this version, so you may still have the problem when using the current version to install the update. If that is the case, just download the RetroX.apk again and install it over (without uninstalling).

Gory details: I was trying to recollect info about this error for almost a year without success, and for some strange coincidence, two users sent me their "logcats" at the same time. There I found that the Nvidia APK Installer included with the system had problems trying to open the APK files because of a SELinux restriction, in short words : permission denied to read the file. The problem is that this only happened in some devices, the only difference that I could find was that these users have RetroX installed on external and/or adopted storage, and the Nvidia installer couldn't read the APKs from there. Once the cause was found, I was able to narrow the search and find a way to give the installer permissions to read the files, thus fixing the problem.
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Re: [RELEASE] 2.8.8 The New Deal

Postby xDetoursx » Sun Nov 17, 2019 3:21 am

This is awesome. Good job on the fix. I got the error initially when installing the update, but re-installing over it worked.

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